Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Culture — Precision, Purpose, Passion

We are passionate. We are dedicated. And we are out to change the status quo in cancer treatment. At Merrimack, we are outthinking cancer by designing novel treatments for cancer that spring from a deeper understanding of the problem and a commitment to developing first-in-class solutions for patients.

“Every day, we’re working to make a real difference in patients’ lives.”

Lia, Senior Scientist

“I am excited to be working with passionate colleagues dedicated to developing novel therapies to improve the life of cancer patients.”

Andreas, Associate Director

“We care about cancer patients and we are committed to discovering therapeutic strategies to defeat cancer.”

Sara, Clinical Scientist

Our Vision

A world where all cancer patients and their families live fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

To transform cancer care through the smart design and development of targeted solutions based on a deep understanding of cancer pathways and biological markers.

Executive Team

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisory Board