George Demetri, M.D.

George Demetri, M.D., is the Senior Vice President for Experimental Therapeutics and Director of the Center for Sarcoma and Bone Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, as well as Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, where he also serves as Co-Director of the Ludwig Center at Harvard. Dr. Demetri’s research and clinical interests are centered on mechanism-based drug development for solid tumors, and he has contributed to the development of numerous approved therapies, including Gleevec (imatinib), Sutent (sunitinib), Stivarga (regorafenib), Zelboraf (vemurafenib), Votrient (pazopanib) and Yondelis (trabectedin) as well as other therapies in development. He serves on Merrimack’s board of directors as well as on the board of directors and scientific advisory board of Blueprint Medicines.